Possible sequel for Darkman

Posted by Caz on May 18, 2022

Now, who is this character? He ain’t from Marvel. He ain’t from DC nor is part of any comic book continuity. Well, kids from the 90s will remember this film that opened and starred Liam Neeson, who plays a surgeon that develops a synthetic skin that he uses to his advantage to perpetuate a new […]

Visiting the Multiverse on IMAX Cinemas

Posted by Caz on May 17, 2022

  One of the great things about Marvel is its equal ability to tell great stories while at the same time breaking down barriers. From non-traditional casting to tweaking a character in order to provide a more realistic feel while staying true and paying homage to its comic book origins, it is a formula that […]

The 2022 Tony Award Nominations

Posted by Caz on May 12, 2022

2020 was the year of the pandemic and brought the world to a standstill. It was also the year when the lights of Broadway dimmed to a close only to be lit last year in September when the Great White Way officially resumed operations and re-opened its doors. A Pulitzer-winning original musical and a play […]

“Squid Game” Creator has a new movie

Posted by Caz on May 7, 2022

These days the creator of the popular Netflix Korean TV series, “Squid Game” has much to celebrate. Not only was his creation a number one series on the streaming platform when it came out and was the talk of the town, the show’s stars also went on US talk shows to promote the series, clearly […]