Giveon is Back!

These days the songs that make the cut, get impressed upon by listeners, and would land on their respective Spotify playlists are songs that have been mostly used and choreographed to on the social platform, Tiktok.

From Lizzo to Justin Bieber to Doja Cat to Blackpink, Giveon is certainly lucky to be part of that fortunate list.

When his song “Heartbreak Anniversary” came out in February of 2020, the world was just about to be rocked by the pandemic, and soon after when everyone was stuck in their homes, it was Giveon’s song that got stuck in people’s minds, and Tik-Tok accounts, not to mention becoming a sleeper hit and shooting up to charts in the US and garnering Number 1 status in Malaysia and Singapore.

These days he is set release a new album entitled, “Give or Take” with the first single off that album being his latest video, “Lost Me”.

While most of his songs deal with the heartbreak and the loss of a relationship, what is not lost on us however are his accomplishments so far from being a Grammy and NAACP nominee as well as being a winner at the 2021 MTV Music Awards for his work on the Justin Bieber hit, “Peaches”, for Best Pop Song, Best Editing and Best Collaboration.

Things are certainly looking up for Giveon and we can also look and expect more hits to come from this singer-songwriter from this West Coast native.