Karrots, Scarlet & Neil

#KarrotsScarletNeil Monday to Friday 7am-10am

This crazy trio of two Titas and one Tito in the morning is guaranteed to make your day. They’ll keep you hooked with fun and interesting topics while playing MORE music than those other morning shows on the FM band. They may sound like they have a lot of life experience but deep down inside they’re toddlers who couldn’t pass the marshmallow test… (Scarlet says she could IF she wanted to.)

TIta Karrots hails from her hacienda in the south and is a health buff who subsists purely on Kale, Chia seeds and Yoga. Tita Scarlet will kill you if you get between her and breakfast, and by the way she is an anchor on CNN Philippines and Neil…

well we don’t know where he came from, he just walked into the station one day and started doing the morning show. What these three do have in common, is their love for coffee and bashing each other in the morning. You’ll find kids and their parents alike can relate to them, and maybe you will too!


The Awesome Wake Up Show

M-F 6am-10am Listen Worldwide: http://Mellow947.fm/ Mellow 94.7's Wake Up Show - we're here to wake you up! Let Neil Almighty, Scarlet & Karrots start your day with music, information, and lots of good vibes.
The Awesome Wake Up Show
The Awesome Wake Up Show
#CleanfuelPH will implement price adjustment, effective tomorrow Tuesday, December 6, 2022 at 8:01AM.

⬇️ Diesel - 1.90/L (Rollback)
⬇️ Gasoline - 1.95/L (Rollback)

Stay safe and healthy!