“Outbreak” turned 25

Posted by Caz on April 9, 2020

Real Life or Reel Life. If in case you weren’t aware at the beginning of our own lockdown, there was a film that mirrored the very same or at least that’s how it was presented onscreen when it opened in 1995, the conditions that we are currently experiencing brought about by the pandemic that is […]

Artemis Fowl goes straight to Disney +

Posted by Caz on April 7, 2020

  As the casualties of infected people by Covid 19 continue to rise and that there is no flattening the curve, for now, malls and cinemas are one of the establishments certainly feeling the effects. Because of that, Disney has decided to release the movie adaptation of Artemis Fowl to its brand new streaming service, […]

Tiger positive for Covid-19

Posted by Caz on April 6, 2020

From Humans to Animals. In New York, a tiger has recently been tested positive with the Corona virus at the Bronx Zoo. The animal in question is Nadia, a four-year old Malayan tiger that developed a dry cough. Samples of Nadia were taken after she and (5) other tigers began to exhibit symptoms of respiratory […]