Lalamove, 2 Years of Moving Things That Matter

Lalamove, Southeast Asia’s fastest growing on-demand delivery service, celebrated its 2nd year anniversary in the Philippines last November 26th, 2018. With its rapid growth and technological edge, Lalamove’s presence in Metro Manila is undeniable. Completing hundreds of thousands of deliveries, Lalamove has moved the lives of many: partner drivers, business clients, and everyday users; by moving what matters to them.

Empowering Partner Drivers

Partner drivers are without a doubt the core of Lalamove’s business. Enabling them to earn at their own time using their vehicles, Lalamove provides a source of livelihood thousands of partner drivers, uplifting them to provide for their family and reach their dreams. Lalamove also provides partner drivers with quality benefits by collaborating with top brands such as GCash, Petron, Shell, Ropali, Mahindra, Isuzu, among others.

By partnering with these companies, Lalamove drivers get to enjoy additional benefits such as great discounts and easy access to quality vehicles, creating an ecosystem that not just allows them to earn, but to uplift their lives thereby fueling them to deliver and provide exceptional service to clients.

Believing in Filipino Entrepreneurs and Businesses

Supporting businesses is Lalamove’s utmost priority. Lalamove aims to empower micro, small and medium enterprises, as well as multinationals and established businesses, to reach more customers through on-demand delivery. As acquiring delivery fleets is costly and impractical, Lalamove provides access to companies to allow them to focus on their core business while Lalamove takes care of their delivery needs.

Some small businesses wouldn’t have the need to deliver their goods all the time, causing delivery units to have an expensive and counterproductive standstill. For huge companies, they often experience shortage of delivery vehicles especially when demand peaks. A viable option is to get a logistics partner like Lalamove to minimize costs. Food and online businesses are a few of the many that successfully reached an untapped market through Lalamove. With the wide array of vehicles and services built for businesses, Lalamove certainly empowers Filipino entrepreneurs and businesses to fulfill their passion.

Moving Things That Matter

“Since 2016, Lalamove’s story has always been about moving what matters for our partner drivers, business clients and everyday customers by making deliveries fast and easy. Whether it be for their family, passions, or dreams, we will make sure to uphold the quality and exceptional service to continue on moving what matters.”

  • Dannah Majarocon, Managing Director of Lalamove Philippines