DJ Skrillex sued

DJ Skrillex has recently been ordered to pay a fan over $1.6M by a jury following an incident at a gig.

The damages stem from an injury lawsuit made by Jennifer Fraissl who sued the DJ back in February 2014. Fraissl asserted that she endured a stroke after the DJ stage-dived over her during his performance at the Belasco Theater in Los Angeles.

Altogether, the jury granted Fraissl $4,525,402 in remuneration, with Skrillex responsible for 35% of the damages, and the remaining balance divided between DJ Scrillex’s own touring company called “The Lost Boys” and the Belasco Theatre. But Fraissi herself was also found to be partly responsible  and was asked to shoulder 15% of the damages in total.

In his defense, DJ Skrillex said that there is nothing more crucial and important to him than the enjoyment and safety of his fans at his shows. And that it is imperative that they enjoy the music and have a great time.

Contrary to the claim, DJ Skrillex’s attorney, Barry Thompson, said the proof included “video evidence that [Skrillex] never reached Ms. Fraissl” and in light of the evidence, they are settling on making an appeal soon.