Posted on May 15, 2019

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Vader and Obi-Wan 2.0

I first saw this as a short clip over at Instagram. Much to my surprise and delight the full video was available online for everyone to see and to marvel at how technology has helped enhance one of my favorite films of all time. Star Wars opened in the US on May 25, 1977. It […]

Posted on March 24, 2019

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Prodigy Returns

Issue #2 is here and like the first one, it did not disappoint. Building up the risk element from the first issue, we pick up from where we left off with Edison Crane and special CIA Agent Rachel Straks on the way to the Kremlin. Apparently, there is a scroll at the Kremlin Library that […]

Posted on March 22, 2019

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Caz’s 1st Unboxing Video

When Caz first picked up the Sword of Shannara, it was a conscious move to do research. Having inducted himself into Tolkien and reading all the three main books, and subsequently the other supplementary works like The Silmarillion, The Unfinished Tales and the ones that his son, Christopher Tolkien has released, our Caz was ready […]

Posted on March 16, 2019

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James Gunn is back!

Everyone, if not most of the Geeks, knew that when Disney fired James Gunn based on past tweets regarding racism, pedophilia, homophobia, and other “ill-hearted” comments on social media, the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise was in peril and in limbo.   For months on end, numerous stars beginning with the movie’s cast have come […]

Posted on March 13, 2019

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Turtles in Gotham!!!

Who would’ve thought that Bats and Turtles could live together hand in hand? Well, in the DC Animated Universe, it is not only possible but also coming our way this 2019! Based on a crossover comic book miniseries called Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by veteran DC writer James Tynion (Batman Eternal/Constantine: Helllblazer) and Freddie Williams […]