Win Over P2M worth of Prizes from Jolly Claro’s Mas Claro, Mas Panalo raffle

Are you ready for a double dose of excitement and rewards? Jolly Claro brings you not just its high-quality Palm Olein Cooking Oil but also the chance to win big prizes with the Mas Claro, Mas Panalo Nationwide Raffle Promo! This is the ultimate promotion for Jolly Claro fans, as it offers Instant Panalo game and weekly, monthly and grand raffle draw with over 2 million pesos worth of rewards. Read on to find out how you can join and win!

Jolly Claro Cooking Oil: The Clear Choice for Everyday Cooking

Jolly Claro is a cholesterol-free cooking oil, enriched with Vitamin A, making it an excellent choice for your everyday dishes. It comes in various sizes and formats, from PET 250ml to SUP 2L, to suit your cooking preferences.

What makes Jolly Claro stand out is its quality and versatility. It has a high smoke point, which means it can handle high-heat frying without burning or smoking. It also has a clear and smooth appearance, it does not get cloudy or solidify easily. Jolly Claro undergoes a 5-step process (3x refined, 2x filtered) to achieve this clarity and quality. It is the perfect Oilinis, Oilinaw and Oilinamnam cooking oil partner of your family!

Mas Claro, Mas Panalo Nationwide Raffle Promo: How to Join and Win

From September 18, 2023, to January 18, 2024, Jolly Claro is inviting you to join its Nationwide Raffle Promo. All you need to do is buy any of the participating Jolly Claro products from authorized physical or online stores during the promo period. Then, follow these simple steps:

  1. Keep your sales receipt as proof of purchase.
  2. Scan the QR code on the bottle sticker and promo posters in supermarkets and groceries nationwide. You may also click the “Send Message” or “Contact Us” buttons on our social media ads. These will direct you to the Jolly Claro Cooking Oil Facebook Messenger page in order to join the promo.
  3. Upload your sales receipt, making sure that it shows all the required details clearly.
  4. Wait for a confirmation message within 24 hours that will tell you how many raffle entries you earned for the Instant Panalo game and raffle draw.
  5. Register with your personal information, including First & Last Name, Valid GCash Number, Contact Number, Email Address, Region, City, and Date of Birth.
  6. By submitting your registration, you are agreeing with the privacy policy and terms & conditions of the raffle promo.

That’s it! You’re now ready to play and win in two exciting ways:

  1. Instant Panalo Game: Every valid entry lets you play the electronic “Instant Panalo” game. You can choose and open one of the nine Jolly Claro frying pans on the screen. If you’re lucky, you’ll find up to 50 pesos GCash prize inside! You can play anytime during the promo period!
  2. Weekly, Monthly, and Grand Raffle Draw: Every valid entry also qualifies you for the weekly, monthly, and grand raffle draws. The more entries you have, the higher your chances of winning more prizes. The winners will be drawn electronically using a randomizer with the presence of an FDA representative. Each raffle entry can only win once per draw level.

What are you waiting for? Buy your Jolly Claro Cooking Oil today and join the Mas Claro, Mas Panalo Nationwide Raffle Promo! You might be one of the lucky winners of these awesome prizes:

  • Weekly Draw: ?1,000 GCash (40 winners per week)
  • Monthly Draw: ?10,000 GCash (8 winners per month)
  • Grand Draw (Regional): ?200,000 in Cash Tax-Free (4 winners)
  • Grand Draw (National): ?500,000 in Cash Tax-Free (1 winner)

Hurry and join the Mas Claro, Mas Panalo Nationwide Raffle Promo today! With Jolly Claro Cooking Oil and this exciting raffle promo, you can enjoy delicious dishes and the possibility of taking home fantastic prizes. Taste the food, not the oil, and make your meals memorable with Jolly Claro!

For more details and updates, visit Jolly Claro’s Facebook page.