Mother’s Day Sunday Brunch 2.0 @ Marriott Manila

The Marriott Manila is doing something special for Mother’s day, they’re pulling out all the stops for their Sunday brunch, upgrading it to “Sunday Brunch 2.0”, they’ll be serving EVERYTHING. UNLIMITED. The best from Marriott Café, Cru Steakhouse and The Greatroom.

Here’s just some of what you can expect:

barrels of rock lobsters

an overload of live crabs

prime steaks

bounty of roasted pig

first class cheeses and charcuterie

a stretch of BBQ grill

a bevy of paellas and gazpacho bar

a deluge of chef crafted soup

variety of pasta

stacks of salmon

towers of bagels and brew

a medley of Indian delights

lavish teppanyaki and tempura

heaps of salad and antipasti

piles of well-loved local street foods

a myriad of China town favorites

chunks of chocolates and fresh fruits

overflowing drinks and spirits

and an assembly of award winning chefs


Our friends at Marriott have even made a map so you can plan your attack:

This happens on Sunday, May12, 2019 and starts at 11:30am till 3:00pm and is Php3288 nett

But you’ll have to reserve your seats, call (632) 9889999.

You might want to give your mom a treat, check out this link:

For more information, check out


Video by Neil Pagulayan