HATASU ebike launches their HERO

HATASU ebike just launched its newest three-wheeler model, the HATASU HERO today. This latest addition to their growing affordable, quality, and sustainable line-up of ebikes is a Multi-Use, Easy Go three-wheeler ebike that can cater to your daily riding needs, whether it be for household use, service, business, errands and even community.

Multi-Use, Easy Go with HATASU HERO!

Sporting a stylish front design with its Front Splash Guard and Eagle-Eye Headlights that resemble the iconic superhero mask, a Patented Leather Roof and Back Cover that’s similar to a hero cape, and Upgraded Functional Features like superhero powers, the HATASU HERO is the perfect riding companion to save you from daily travel needs.

The HATASU HERO comes in Black/Grey and All Black colorways with a nationwide SRP of P64,990. Get yours now to receive a limited HATASU gift box worth P1790 upon purchase. On top of these, buyers of the HATASU HERO can earn 5 raffle entries to the HATASU Holiwheels Raffle Promo when they purchase the HERO from Nov 15 until Dec 31, 2023. Check out @HATASUPH Facebook page to learn more about the raffle mechanics.

HATASU HERO saves the day!

Designed to answer Filipino’s daily needs and address their common pain points, HATASU HERO aims to become the most practical solution and alternative mobility tool for all. This will be highlighted in our upcoming video campaign titled “Sheesh! Paano?!” wherein we tackle the struggles of different users and how the HATASU HERO can save their day. We have the HERO Sa Tahanan, HERO Sa Errand, HERO Sa Negosyo, HERO Sa Kalsada, HERO sa Barangay, and HERO Sa Service.

  • HERO in Errands

We’re sure that everyone has experienced at least once in their life to run errands and we know how hassle it can be, especially if you’re going from one place to another with loads of goods at hand. With the HATASU HERO, doing errands can be fun! You can store your groceries and more in its Under Seat and Back Compartment. Its Compact Body and Long Handle Bar can help you easily navigate narrow and busy streets leading to multiple destinations within short-range distance

  • HERO in Household

Different members of the households have different needs and places to go and it can be a hassle when there’s only one vehicle available. With the HATASU HERO, every family member’s needs will be taken care of! Furnished with a Patent Leather Roof and Back Cover, you’re sure to be protected rain or shine, making this perfect for parents who need to fetch their kids from school, grandparents who want to go out to the park and even for the ate’s and kuya’s who will hangout with their friends. On top of it, the HATASU HERO has a Load Capacity of 250 kg and can seat 2-3 people.

  • HERO in the Streets

Needing a quality and reliable alternative mobility solution without breaking the bank? With HATASU HERO, you can have both and more! Equipped with a High-Powered 650W Differential Motor and an Upgraded Controller for better throttle acceleration with no delay, the HATASU HERO will also make you the hero of the road!

  • HERO in the Community

Community emergencies are commonplace and they can happen anytime. With the HATASU HERO, community needs will be addressed! Equipped with a Dual & Reverse Horn and a Motorcycle Suspension Fork that compensates bumps and uneven road surfaces as well as provide better steering control, the HATASU HERO can accommodate any community needs whether its an emergency rescue, transportation vehicle for community use or to ensure the community’s safety.

  • HERO in Business

Own a small-to-medium business and it’s doing well but now you’re not sure how you’ll deliver the orders? With HATASU HERO, orders will arrive to your customers safely and on time. Aside from having multiple storage options and 250 kg load capacity, the HATASU HERO also has a range of 60-70 kms and a speed of 20-25 kph so you can deliver multiple orders hassle-free.

  • HERO in Service

Need a sustainable alternative service vehicle for your resort, village, and more? With the HATASU HERO, this dilemma is no problemo! Aside from not needing any gas, the HERO packs in a Stainless Front Fender that makes it resistant to corrosions and a Larger Front Wheel for better grip on the road, ensuring a safe ride around the vicinity.

You can check out the full specification of the HATASU HERO below:

BATTERY 48V32AH Lead-Acid
CONTROLLER 48/60V 35+1A Direct Current
MOTOR 650W Differential Motor
DIMENSION 2,160mm*850mm*1,710mm (LWH)
FRONT SHOCK Motorcycle Suspension Fork
REAR SHOCK Center Shock
BRAKING SYSTEM Drum Braking System (F/R)
SPEED 20-25kph
TIRE SIZE 3.00*12 Front / 3.00*10 Rear
LIGHTS Dual Eagle-eye Headlights
KSPs Front Flash Guard (Cover), Roof and Back Leather Cover



Interested to get your very own HATASU HERO? You can inquire at any HATASU Authorized Dealer Stores Nationwide or visit the Official HATASU LazMall Store at https://www.lazada.com.ph/shop/hatasu-ebike


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