FotonPH’s New Blue Power lineup and EC Mobile Service Truck

On Monday, October 15th, 2018, United Asia Automotive Group, Inc. (UAAGI), distributor of FOTON vehicles in the Philippines invited us to their facility in Clark to show us their lineup of new Blue Energy Euro 4 compliant vehicles, the Traveller van, Toano, Thunder pick up, Toplander SUV, Tornado 2.4C, Tornado 4.4C, Tornado 4.4C Mini Dump Truck, Tornado 4.8C, Tornado M4.2, Tornado M5.2, EST-M Hurricane, EST-M Cargo 6X2, EST Tractor Head 4X2, EST Tractor Head 6X4, ETX-N Dump Truck, GTL Dump Truck 8X4, ETX-N Cargo 6C4 and the GTL Mixer Truck.

They also unveiled their EC Mobile Service Truck Program. To strengthen their service capability and reach, they’ve put together a Foton Tornado light duty truck fitted with a customized body. It’s a mobile service office equipped with all the necessary tools to perform regular “Preventative Maintenance Schedule” (PMS) upto some major repairs. The trucks also have a 3.5 kilowatt generator with 220 Volt outlets, which it uses to power all the tools on board like the 1.5hp air compressor, pneumatic impact wrench and spot lights for when repairs extend into the night. The service crew have at their disposal 2 large capacity oil pans to catch used oil which is then transferred to larger built in depository tanks and a creeper to be able to conduct under chassis inspections and work. There’s also the anti-skid flooring and first aid cabinet. There was a small turnover ceremony to the first 5 dealers to implement the EC Mobile Service Truck Program in their areas.

This “mobile casa” can go to outlying areas beyond the reach of traditional dealerships and add value to the ownership of a Foton vehicle.

“We are aware that not all our customers are in close proximity to a dealership, that is a pain point we want to address with this new and timely service” said UAAGI President Rommel Sytin.

Currently only available to a select number of dealerships, the EC Mobile Service will be available to the rest of the dealership network soon. Not long after the launch of their EC (Easy and Convenient) Genuine Parts where customers inquire and order parts through a FOTON’s hotline number (0999-999-9996), putting customers at ease knowing that the parts they get are the real thing, and this is within warranty or post-warranty period.



Words and Photos – Neil