Falken introduces the new Azenis FK520L flagship tire


JM Far East Inc., the sole and exclusive distributor of Falken tires in the Philippines, is thrilled to unveil its newest flagship tire: the Azenis FK520L, set to redefine standards in ultra-high-performance tires.

Designed to cater to a wide array of vehicles, from passenger cars to CUVs and SUVs, the Azenis FK520L offers unparalleled sports performance, longevity, and added comfort for both drivers and passengers.

About the Azenis FK520L

Embark on a new driving journey with a tire that harmoniously blends precision, safety, and comfort. The innovative Azenis FK520L ensures impeccable handling, providing unmatched stability and control at all speeds. Every tire is meticulously crafted and originates from Japan, seamlessly combining advanced technology with strategic design.

Key Features:

New Asymmetric Pattern –

Ensuring optimum road contact, high braking force, and stability and control in wet conditions.

New Tread Compound –

Extending tire life by 10% and improving dry performance by 8%, the Azenis FK520L adopts a “Sustainable Silica Dispersion Agent,” a novel material developed exclusively for the Azenis FK520L by Lion Specialty Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Nano Black Lettering –

New design technique that delivers deeper black sidewall coloring for enhanced visibility and premium appeal.

Aramid Layer Reinforcement –

Boosting cornering force and high-speed stability, Aramid materials are known to be stronger yet lighter than steel.

Coming from a rich heritage and multi-awarded predecessor, the Azenis FK520L elevates the legacy with enhanced quality and features, making it not just a continuation, but a superior and refined evolution. Since its introduction to international markets, the Azenis FK520L has been honored with multiple awards by different trusted organizations, further emphasizing its global acclaim and excellence

Starting November 2023, the Azenis FK520L will be available for purchase at authorized dealers nationwide.