Exes Baggage will demand additional payment: A Review

 “Ang hirap mahalin ng taong ayaw maniwalang mahal mo siya.”

The title got your attention didn’t it?  Exes Baggage deals with the realities of building a relationship and commitment. It stars former real-life sweethearts, Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino.  Fans mustn’t miss this long-awaited reunion movie just to see what might transpire between the characters, “Will their characters get back together? And will they… in real life?”

The film is directed by Dan Villegas and produced by Black Sheep, ABS-CBN’s newest film production brand.

The movie opens with the main characters in their current state, Carlo Aquino’s character “Nix Cabangon” arriving alone at his best friend’s bar opening. Angelica Panganiban’s character “Pia Madrigal” was also invited. As they see each other, a flashback occurs; beignning with how they met at a bar, time together, happy moments with surprises here and there, quarrels, realizations, concluding with Pia packing her things and leaving Nix’s house.

The plot of this movie is simple, the run of a relationship, and if you’re lucky  there won’t be anyone packing to leave. The onscreen chemistry of Panganiban and Aquino hasn’t faded, despite the years not working together and it’s helped move this simple plot forward.

The director, Villegas, also helmed ‘That Thing Called Tadhana,’ ‘She’s Dating The Gangster,’ ‘Never Not Love You,’ and ‘#WalangForever’ is definitely not a stranger to “love team” movies and it looks like this movie will be another feather in his cap, successfully making the Filipino audience giddy in their seats, and turning them into love-sick puppies.

The soundtrack of the film is beautiful.   Ben&Ben’s ‘Maybe the Night’ playing in the background of Nix’s car on the night they first met was magical in the simplest way.  Ebe Dencel’s ‘Dapithapon’ just oozes as Pia was packing her stuff to leave Nix, this was enough to make the person beside you ask for a tissue.

Angelica Panganiban portrayed Pia well,  a  care-free and strong woman on the outside but vulnerable once feelings are involved as she opens herself up  to show that has been hurt before.

Aquino, gave off an aura of a sweet guy who doesn’t know how to flirt but with a certain charm anyone can fall for. Portraying Nix was natural, it was like Carlo Aquino playing himself.

The story of Pia and Nix’ relationship, can happen to any couple and it’s a sad reality.  Pia with her insecurities , carrying with her, her past relationships that never worked out and Nix who couldn’t seem get over his former lover despite leaving him at the altar and the fact that Nix couldn’t answer at a snap of a finger who he loved more, Dwein or Pia would break any girl’s heart.

I feel we are all a Nix and Pia, rolled into one. We all have insecurities and a past we can’t forget and these are the excess baggage we carry from one relationship to the next and its sometimes because of this, the current relationship takes the fall.

I think, the lesson that the audience can take away from Exes Baggage is that before getting into a new relationship, make sure you are ready and fully committed. Remember, there will always be insecurities you will continue to discover in each other as you peel away each layer as your relationship progresses, and with each discovery, you must reassure each other.

A new relationship demands “additional payment” for the baggage that the one you love is carries.  It may be unexpected but that is why you choose each other.

Exes Baggage is the perfect movie for couples and strong independent people to watch, Villegas may have directed another soo- to-be “talked about” film, portrayed by a couple that the masses want back together only adds up to the reason why you should see this movie.


words by SJ Kat Gonzales