MCA Music presents the “BAKTUBAKTUBAK : Bar Tour”

BAKTUBAKTUBAK is a roaming bar tour where OPM’s biggest and rising local acts will be featured in different venues around the Metro.  Get to hear both the old and new music from these artists and experience OPM first-hand.

The bar tour schedule:

August 2 Pasig – 12 Monkeys

Tom’s Story, MilesExperience, Clara Benin, juan karlos, Paranoid City and takethestage

August 3 Quezon City – Mow’s Bar

MilesExperience, juan karlos, Memphis, Asch, The Ridleys and takethestage

August 10 Makati – saGuijo

MilesExperience, juan karlos, Syd Hartha, Paranoid City, Rob & the Hitmen and BRWN

August 25 Manila – The Minokaua

MilesExperience, I Belong to the Zoo, juan karlos, Sleep Alley, The Adamant and Veronica and I

Gates open at 8pm, for more information call or text 0998 5978473