The Last of Us 2 launches in Feb 2020

Photo by: The Verge

A release date has finally been confirmed for the long-awaited sequel of The Last of Us. Sony revealed on Tuesday (Sept. 24) that The Last of Us Part II is set to be released on February 21st, 2020 on PS4. They also announced that the original game will be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers in October.

To provide a better insight at the game, a new trailer has been released. The clip included scenes on horseback and a boat, along with terrifying new monsters and human survivors. And in this specific trailer, Joel finally makes an appearance.

Photo by: Happy Gamer

The original game was launched on PS3 back in 2013 and was later remastered for PS4. It starred a grizzled survivor named Joel who served as a father figure for a young girl named Ellie. The game grabbed the attention of many players with its surprisingly touching story that is set in a brutal and violent post-apocalyptic world. In the sequel that was announced in 2016, an older Ellie will be replacing Joel in the lead role.