Sandler & Aniston will return in ‘Murder Mystery’ sequel

Photo by: Vox

Netflix’s action-comedy film Murder Mystery, starred by Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, is reportedly having a sequel.

Back in June, the first film was released and garnered huge success, setting a record for the biggest opening weekend for a Netflix movie, gaining almost 31 million streams online within 72 hours.

The success of the film led to talks for a second film as per reports from The Hollywood Reporter, the reports claim that Netflix is currently in talks of a deal with the writer of the original film James Vanderbilt, which they hope would eventually join the project.

James Vanderbilt. Photo by: Daily Motion

Netflix is also tapping Aniston and Sandler to reprise their roles for the said film, though they are not bound by a contract to appear in a potential sequel. However, Sandler is likely to return due to his overall contract with Netflix, which is to appear in the titles of the streaming giant.

Murder Mystery follows the married couple Nick (Sandler) and Audrey Spitz (Aniston) as they go on a holiday trip in Europe in hopes of relighting the spark in their relationship. However, the couple ends up having to go on the run after being framed by an elderly billionaire.