Here’s Adidas ‘Star Wars Lightsaber’ Collection

The world of snickers and pop culture have joined forces once again as Adidas collaborates with Star Wars to release their first pack of shoes as part of a three-pack collection.

Crazy 1 Star Wars Darth Vader (Photo by: Geek Culture)

This isn’t the first time that Adidas ventured into the pop culture scene. Adidas have partnered with other big names such as Marvel, Game of Thrones and Naruto to come up with awesome collections that pop culture fans love.

The three featured packs of the Adidas x Star Wars collection is based on three major aspects of the film franchise – Lightsabers, Space Battle and Characters. The Lightsabers pack has been released on Friday (November 1) and it is available through their website.

The said released Lightsabers pack features six shoes for various ranges which include basketball, running and men’s originals. Other designs will also be available in youth and children sizes.

Complimentary apparel such as t-shirts, hoodies and pants are also available for this collection. The price for the Lightsabers pack ranges from US$80 to US$140. The other two packs, Space Battle and Characters, will be released on November 21 and 29 respectively.

Rivalry Low Star Wars (Photo by: Geek Culture)