Words and Wishes from School of Jocks Wave 13 – Part 2

Yesterday was our School of Jocks auditions for Wave 14. We had fun meeting a new batch of radio hopefuls, and while we await the coming wave, let’s hear it from the second batch of our student DJ’s from Wave 13…



Joining Mellow 947’s School of Jocks, student jock program gave me two things. First, it gave me the chance to fully immerse and educate myself with the ins and outs of radio life. Second, it also gave me a crazy bunch of student djs, whom I now consider family, with whom I can share my ideas with. When I first entered SOJ, I had zero knowledge about radio and I thought it was just as easy as going on air, talking, and playing music— but I soon learned that it was so much more than that. Going on board day after day, I realized that Mellow has given me the power to influence more people through my words and through my voice. The Mellow SOJ program gave us an avenue not only to express ourselves but also provided us a safe place where we can air out our thoughts, represent the youth and inspire more people. Definitely, one of the best decisions I made during my college life!



I’ve been a student jock for a year now, and to this day, I still find being on-air exhilarating! There’s nothing like the thrill of delivering a tight adlib and keeping your listeners company on a lovely Sunday afternoon. I’ve met people whom I know are for keeps and a whole set of individuals who were my teachers in Mellow. I’m extremely glad and grateful for the opportunity and for being a part of the family.


Being an Student Jock is a fun responsibility. You get to meet new people and learn the tricks of the trade. It goes without saying that in order to earn this, you must also put in the time and the effort. Like pretty much everything in the world, it depends on how much you want it! How soon you get to the end of your goal, depends also on how much you want it. And I am so grateful that I was able to achieve what I wanted. Thank you Mellow.



When I got accepted and became part of Mellow 94.7’s School of Jocks, it made me so happy then. While others may not appreciate it, being a radio jock was one of my goals, and it meant the world to me when I got in. I’ve always loved the idea of having a platform to share your ideas and hopefully inspire and influence others. Mellow 94.7 gave me that opportunity and it is something that I will gratefully treasure.



Being a member of School of Jocks for about a year, has been the best part of 2018 so far. Not only did I get to fulfill a lifelong dream of being on air, but also I got to meet and be trained by the finest DJs in the industry. Along the way, I’ve met friends who I now treasure and consider worth keeping. Being in the School of Jocks program has taught me not just the entirety of radio, but also the importance of camaraderie while at the same time finding your own voice and stepping out of your comfort zone.


Being chosen as one of the student jocks for Mellow 94.7’s SOJ Program has helped me grow as a person. I was never really a confident person and I was very shy. My year long stint in the program made me come out of my shell and helped me become confident. All of this is the result of being trained with the distinguished DJ’s of Mellow. My stay also afforded me the chance to forge and maintain friendships with my fellow student jocks. And these I certainly will keep and treasure for a very long time. The privilege of being a student jock is something that I don’t take lightly as it gives you the power to speak your mind and play the songs that have and continue to be a part of people’s lives, and not just the youth. And it is with this rare opportunity that I considered it to be both a blessing and a responsibility.