Words and Wishes from School of Jocks Wave 13 – Part 1

We got two more days till the School of Jocks auditions this coming Sunday, November 18; from 11am-5pm for Wave 14. But for now, let’s hear it from some of our student DJ’s from Wave 13.


I’ve been a member of School of Jocks for almost three years now and it really helped me a lot, especially when I go on board and on-air but also when I’m off-air. It helped me to be responsible for the things I am required to do and for the things that I love to do.  I believe that training also affects us when we go outside as this contributes to the formation of our well being and how we interact with others. We all treat each other like family here at Mellow 94.7 and I’ve never been more happy and honored to be part of this fun and exciting and continuing journey that Mellow gave us. Wave 14, good luck! We are all waiting for you.


Being in the School of Jocks program feels like I’m always on cloud nine. To hear yourself on-air is always exhilarating and fun and it’s a different kind of high that I don’t think I can get from anywhere else. While I was a Student DJ, I got to learn new things from the resident DJs in Mellow and I got to apply them not just when I talk on air but also when I meet people outside the station. It has helped me in boosting my confidence and how I present myself to society.


Being an Student Jock is challenging but super rewarding as I learned a lot about communication and radio basics which I never would have learned about in school. I made new friends and became more confident. And in being confident it also has reminded me to be responsible about what I say on-air as well as off-air. Words have a lingering effect on the people we say them to. And being heard on air, just drove that responsibility home for me while I was part of Wave 13.


Being a Mellow 94.7 Student Jock is awesome! It definitely feels surreal to be on air and share your thoughts and your music preferences with people from all walks of life! And the mere thought of that, continues to overwhelm me today as a new wave of Student DJ’s are about to come in. I feel lucky to have been mentored by the amazing and talented DJ’s of Mellow 94.7! It is an experience that I shall take with me wherever I go and as I continually meet new people after my stint.



It’s definitely an experience to meet other people who share the same interest in radio as you;  people whom you could talk to about anything under the sun. Tasks like playing and sharing good music, writing and delivering the news plus other fascinating stories were huge learning opportunities that I have been blessed to perform and it has helped  develop my skills. My on and off-air interaction with the listeners,  as well as the resident DJs and fellow student jocks also helped me to sound more confident and sure whenever I share my views. Being part of Mellow 94.7’s School of Jocks Program not only sounds good, it also felt good.


Being an Student Jock means a lot to me. It definitely is a dream come true as I’ve wanted to be a DJ ever since I was a kid. Having been accepted in Wave 13 a year ago and hearing myself on-air today is definitely one of the highlights of my college life. I had to admit that it took me a while to get used to it.  From having to get acquainted with the console and to speak at the same while keeping my focus was  definitely a challenge but with the training from the resident DJ’s and the support from my fellow student jocks, I soon began to feel confident  and sure. And in time, what began as dream for me, surreal as it is, became a reality that was both grounded in practice and performance. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything and I strongly encourage anyone and everyone who has the passion for music to try this out and add to your life’s experiences. Thank you Mellow 94.7 for this experience of a lifetime.