The orphan returns

Isabelle Fuhrman stars in a spooky new trailer for “Orphan: First Kill”. The 21st century is seeing the return of one of the most recognizable antagonists in the history of horror films.

The first teaser trailer for “Orphan: First Kill”, the long-awaited sequel to the horror film that became a cult classic, has been made available online by Paramount; whereas the film serves as a precursor to the 2009 film ‘Orphan’ that exposes Esther as a 33-year-old woman who fled an Estonian psychiatric facility and terrified families, appearing as a young girl before killing them.

In the trailer, Esther Mauerova, who went missing without a trace many  years ago, was located and reunited with her parents, Katie and Richard Mauerova but as time pass by, the parents were able to comprehend the reasons for their daughter’s periodic outbursts of rage; everyone who gets to know Esther well realizes, sooner rather than later, that she is not actually a child, and that “Orphan: First Kill” is really supposed to be a demonstration of Fuhrman’s remarkable ability to play this character again 13 years after the release of the first Orphan film.

“Orphan: First Kill” will premiere in Philippine cinemas on July 27.