‘Spider-Man’ has left the MCU

Photo by: We Got This Covered

After Sony and Disney failed to reach an agreement with one another, ‘Spider-Man’ is reportedly out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to reports, Disney was seeking a 50/50 agreement between them and Sony for future Spider-Man movies.

Sony rejected Disney’s offer and suggested a deal similar to the one in place for the first two Spider-Man films within the MCU. Meaning, Disney will receive five percent of the first dollar gross from any future movies.

Disney rejected the said offer which means Marvel and president Kevin Feige will not be producing any Spider-Man films from now on.

Photo by: Games Radar

Though, Marvel is currently working on two new Spider-Man movies which will be directed by Jon Watts and Tom Holland as the superhero. The only change to the said films would be Feige being replaced as lead creative producer.

Spider-Man: Far From Home became the highest-grossing film of Sony this month, earning $1.109 billion in revenue from the global box office.

According to NME, because Disney and Sony didn’t reach an agreement regarding the said franchise, the Spider-Man and Venom crossover that Feige discussed earlier this year might not push through. When asked about the possibility of having the crossover, Feige said it was “probably up to Sony”, because the studio owned both of the character’s rights.