Sad movies make me cry

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I am a crybaby by nature. So why blog about a gazillion movies that have made me cry? I’ve narrowed them down to 5 so its easy on the eyes and easier for me to write. I will also rate each movie with the ? or ? based on how much I bawled.

This is in no particular order or ranking:

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Toy Story 3

Woody, Buzz and the gang have gone through so many adventures since the first movie in 1995. From surviving a new addition to the toy family, almost being toy-tortured by Syd, dealing with Lotso, almost being shipped to Japan and now Andy outgrowing them. Nothing prepared me for this third movie and I found myself ugly crying at the end. Because we’ve all had to let go of something that meant the world to us at one point in our lives. ???

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Me Before You

I am a sucker for romantic comedies but also very drawn to the ones that  end tragically. Mostly because I feel like they’re more realistic and relatable instead of the usual happily ever after endings. If you haven’t seen the trailer, it sort of sets the tone already since Sam Clafin’s character is in a wheelchair, but the ending was not what I expected. So as not to not spoil the movie for anyone, that conversation between Sam and Emilia Clarke’s characters at the beach was what started the waterworks for me. ??

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That Thing Called Tadhana

Shamefully not a huge fan of local movies for personal reasons but I have a few guilty favorites and this movie is one of them. Breakups are never easy and this movie proves just that. Realistic with a hint of humor was what made the movie light and not overly dramatic. What got to me the most? Angelica Panganiban’s curbside speech. Watch it and you’ll get it. ???

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The Notebook

I have yet to read the book but Nicholas Sparks does not disappoint with this tale of star-crossed lovers and their forbidden romance. But I think its the theme of hope that resonated for me throughout the movie and got me shipping Allie and Noah.????

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Celeste and Jesse Forever

Marrying your best friend is a cliche, but ideal because why wouldn’t you want to marry your best friend? Well, when that doesn’t work out, you lose a partner and a best friend which is exactly what happens with Celeste and Jesse. Love makes things messy which only proves that sometimes crossing over from friend to significant other isn’t always the best idea. I personally love how Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg, both best known for being funny, played their characters very well. I’ve probably watched the movie 4 times and it still gets to me. ??????

Are you a crybaby too? What movies made you cry? ?


Words by Alex