Rainchem launches Oil & Fuel Additives

Rainchem International, Inc. recently introduced RAIMOL TITANIUM Fuel Saver, a NEW and ECONOMICAL way to SAVE fuel, for both DIESEL & GASOLINE engines.  RAIMOL TITANIUM Fuel Saver features marked improvement in Power and Acceleration.  This product not only enhances engine’s performance, it also offers excellent corrosion protection.

RAINCHEM also introduced another product, RAIMOL TRIBOFILM OIL ADDITIVE.  This product will provide cost savings as it extends engine life, reduces oil & fuel consumption in gasolines & diesel engines.

RAINCHEM INTERNATIONAL, INC. 100% Filipino owned company and being managed by their President & CEO, Engr. Robert V. Dela Pena, a Chemical Engineer by profession. Since 1995, RAINCHEM has been serving a wide variety of consumers of heavy industrial lubricants, marine transport oil, greases, motor & engine oils and of more than hundreds of corporations.