Novellino Wines celebrates its 20th Anniversary

Nonoy Quimbo, CEO and Founder of Novellino Wines

Tuesday, May 28 2019 marked the 20th Anniversary of the Philippines leading winery, Novellino Wines.

Now on it’s 20th year, Novellino has transformed the alcohol drinking habits of the Filipino, converting more and more of our countrymen to wine.

“Wine drinking has a perceived degree of sophistication, thus making it an aspirational product. Through the foray of Novellino Wines in the Philippines 20 years ago, we have helped build a wine drinking culture among typical Filipino households,” said Nonoy Quimbo, the CEO and Founder of Novellino Wines.

Nonoy Quimbo, CEO and Founder of Novellino Wines with Chris Quimbo, President and General Manager of Novellino Wines

Novellino vows to continue innovating its products as they celebrate their 20th year of leading the market in the wines. Parts of its innovations are mobile kegs that will expand brand presence on the premise trade which will be introduced as Novellino Wines on Tap.

Novellino Wines on Tap essentially brings the masterful art of wine tasting closer to Filipino consumers, as they now have a chance to try Novellino Wines without buying a whole bottle at a much affordable price.