Mercedes-BenzPH’s #HungryForAdventure SUV drive

It was 6am when a large group of media and socialmedia influencers gathered on September 19 at the Mercedes-Benz showroom.  This event would turn out to be quite a few firsts for me. Dubbed #HungryForAdventure, this would be a showcase of the performance and features that make the Mercedes-Benz GLC mid-sized SUV an ideal vehicle for your adventures.

The GLC C200 Exclusive

We grouped with our carmates and made our way to our first pit stop at the Shell station at SLEX, after which we made our way to Carmona for our first activity of the day.  I opted to let my carmates drive so I could enjoy the passenger privileges. Our ride for the first day was the GLC 200 Exclusive, the gasoline variant powered by a 2.0-liter, twin cam, 16-valve turbocharged four cylinder engine that puts out 184 hp and 300 Nm of torque, mated to the 9G-TRONIC 9-speed automatic transmission.

After our pit-stop, it was my turn to drive and I took us to our first activity in Carmona. We got off the main road and drove through some unpaved roads where we got to experience the GLC’s body control which kept the ride as smooth as possible.

The GLC C200 Exclusive and C220d 4Matic have Dynamic Select System which allowed us to select between four driving modes, Eco, Comfort, Sport and Sport+. The best mode suited for rough terrain is Comfort where the GLC lets the suspension have more give than the Sport mode, giving it the ability to soak up more of the bumps.  Our staging area for our first activity is roughly 50-60 meters up on a hill, this is where we would Para-Sail. There were of course pilots who we rode tandem with.  We  would pick up thermals off the side of the hill and these would take us as high as 150-200 meters and keep us in the air for about 10-12 minutes after which we would descend to an open area where there was a specially prepared off-road track.  This is where we would experience the different handling characteristics of the drive modes and the both C200 and C220d.  We all planted trees. The activity finished after lunch and we made our way to Escala Hotel in Tagaytay where we would spend the night.

The GLC C220d 4MATIC

Day 2 with the GLC’s had us driving the C220d 4Matic. This is powered by a four cylinder 2.2L turbo diesel that puts out 170hp with torque of 400Nm mated to the same 9G-TRONIC 9-speed automatic transmission. We had an early drive down to Talisay from Tagaytay and this was where we got a good feel for the control that 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive system on the C220d also while enjoying the response and sporty handling the Sport+ drive mode on the winding roads  to the Taal Yacht Club.

Here we would take an estimated 20 minute boat ride which would take us to Taal Trekking Point where would hike about 2km’s to Taal’s Volcano Crater. This was a truly awesome experience from the breathtaking sight from the view deck and to see steam venting from the ground around the lake, the shore itself, not to mention the many boiling mud pools to indicate that Taal is still very much an active volcano, the world’s smallest in fact, but is a beautiful place to visit.

This was a trip of firsts, my first time to Paraglide, and at the crater of an active volcano. And my first time to experience the Mercedes-Benz GLC midsized SUV, which made all the difference. Its luxurious amenities, generous legroom, and the premium infotainment system with a touchpad gives you easy access to your media, radio, vehicle settings and mobile phone connectivity through Bluetooth enabling you to answer calls through the steering wheel mounted controls.

here’s a video of the trip:

The GLC proved itself to be versatile enough to be as capable rough terrain as it is elegant on asphalt. Anyone can take a road trip to the places we went to, but it becomes extraordinary when you do it in a Mercedes Benz GLC. It all depends which flavor you prefer, the gasoline C200 Exclusive or the C220d 4MATIC.


Words, Photos and Video by Neil and Mercedes-BenzPH