Margot Robbie is making a new ‘Tank Girl’ movie

Photo by: YouTube

The production company of Margot Robbie has obtained the movie rights of the cult comic book Tank Girl, according to the co-creator of the character.

Tank Girl was first featured in 1988 as part of the comics magazine Deadline. It tells the story of a bounty hunter who lives in a tank and is declared an outlaw with a multi-million dollar price on her head. The character became popular as an emblem of empowerment and sexual liberation when the comics had a movie adaptation in 1995 played by Lon Petty and also starred by Ice-T.

Tank Girl (Photo by: Nerdist)

Now, LuckyChap Entertainment, Robbie’s production company, has optioned the rights to the character from MGM according to Alan Martin, who penned the first Tank Girl comic together with Jamie Hewlett.

“Just heard that Margot Robbie’s company has optioned rights from MGM to make a new Tank Girl movie – now several months into development,” he shared on Twitter. “We haven’t been contacted by any of the parties involved with the project, so not sure if there will be any input from the original creators.” said Martin.

Tank Girl still became a cult classic even if it had a financial flop at that time.

LuckyChap Entertainment is the company behind movies I, Tonya and Terminal. It’s also set to produce the upcoming Robbie-starring Barbie movie, written by Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach.