We’re Looking for New Radio Recruits! The Mellow 94.7 #SchoolofJocks Wants YOU!

Have you always wondered what it’s like to be on the radio?

Do you see yourself talking about your favorite singer and getting to play your favorite song from your favorite band? Have you ever been kilig when your name gets to be greeted on air? Well, we could you help you make the first step to making your radio dreams happen as we open our doors to a brand new batch of on-air hopefuls enrolled in our School of Jocks. Allow us to train you on some radio basics with neat tricks and tips included, plus workshops to boost your knowledge and confidence to be heard.  If you’re a bona fide student with a passion for radio and talking then let’s put that gift of gab to good use and come by for an audition on November 18, Sunday from 11am to 5pm and thereabouts. We’ll let you know where we’d want you to go, so you better stay tuned and keep in touch. But for now save the date and tell your friends about it. There is also strength in numbers…Time to get schooled in the coolest school you’ll ever get into. See you on the 18th!!!