Kylie Jenner surprised by her body’s change after pregnancy

In a preview for an upcoming episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kylie Jenner and her sisters are preparing for a Calvin Klein photo shoot and talking about their bodies. Kourtney says that Kylie’s body looks amazing, and Khloé compliments Kylie’s belly button, saying it was “back to normal.” “I haven’t done anything in quite a while, so I’m somewhat anxious,” Kylie confesses. In a confessional interview, Kylie explains that this is her first major photo shoot after giving birth to baby Stormi, her first child with boyfriend Travis Scott, in Feb. 2018.

“It’s kind of difficult and discouraging,” she said about trying on different clothing and outfits. Later on at the Calvin Klein shoot, Kylie is frustrated that she’s still 158 pounds when Khloé reaffirms that her “body looks f-cking crazy,” Kylie brushed it off and says: It just doesn’t,” Kylie also talks to Kim Kardashian about feeling “anxious” due to her post-pregnancy body while cleaning out her closet. “I know I’m not going to fit into a size 25 jeans ever again,” Kylie says to Kim. “I feel like my hips have just spread.”

Kim gives her baby sister some good advice to regain her self-confidence. Not only does Kylie pose for the Calvin Klein shoot, she also does a photo shoot with Kim. Kylie’s getting her confidence back, and her fan couldn’t be more proud of her.

While this exceptional mix of careful body talk is somewhat extraordinary to the Kardashian ladies, it reflects a bigger societal fixation on individuals’ post-pregnancy bodies that is quite harming. The truth is that you need to put on weight with the end goal to grow an infant. The measure of weight that an individual increases amid pregnancy relies upon a few individual elements — like hereditary qualities and their weight before getting pregnant. Lamentably, some pregnant ladies end up engrossed with the measure of weight that they gain amid incubation, due to the fact that there’s pressure from peers and even doctors not to gain “too much.”

In Kylie’s pregnancy announcement video, she shared a clip of her Ob telling her not to eat too much fast food to avoid gaining weight. And on a previous episode of KUWTK, Khloé Kardashian said that she was worried about gaining so much weight that she would need a C-section to deliver her baby, So clearly, there are lots of opinions that pregnant people have to deal with on a regular basis especially celebrities like the Kardashians who are in the public eye. After giving birth, people may find that their bodies change in lots of different ways, including weight. It’s important to remember that everyone adjusts to these drastic changes at a different speed. So, while some people celebrate certain celebrities’ abilities to “snap back,” to their pre-pregnancy bodies, that is just not a truthful or feasible ideal. After all bodies are not rubber bands.