Joker breaks massive comic book movie record

Photo by: Business Insider

Another milestone has been reached by the recent Joker film by director Todd Phillips. Now, it is the most profitable comic book movie ever made.

This means that the movie has grossed a lot more at the international box office compared to its production budget.

Joker has made $304.2 million in North America and $953 million worldwide within five weeks of its release according to Forbes. The budget for the movie was $62.5 million, which means that the movie has grossed fifteen more times than its initial investment.

Photo by: Comic Book

The said film already surpassed big blockbusters such as Venom that earned a total of $854 million with a $90 million budget in 2018, and Batman, which grossed $411 million in 1989 with a $35 million investment.

It also means the film is the third-cheapest movie with a $900 million income, just next to Rami Malek’s Bohemian Rhapsody ($52 million budget) and 1994’s The Lion King ($55 million budget) ahead of it.

Joker will become the fourth-highest earning movie of DC Comics in North America if it manages to surpass the domestic income of Aquaman ($335.1 million), with Wonder Woman, The Dark Knight Rises and The Dark Knight leading the list.