Joaquin Pheonix’s Joker sets new opening record

Photo by: IndiWire

Over the past weeks, Joaquin Pheonix’s Joker has sought mixed receptions by its viewers. Now, it has secured the box-office record for the biggest domestic October opening.

First, it was given the prestigious Golden Lion award from the Venice Film Festival. Then, shortly after, viewers began to criticize the movie because of its depiction of violence and mental health. Because of these reactions, it added an extra layer of intrigue causing more people to watch it and so far, it’s going good.

Photo by: Inverse

According to Digital Spy, the movie has earned $93.5 million over the weekend, meaning that Venom’s $80 million record last year is now history.

The origin movie did even better overseas, garnering over $140.5 million from 22,552 screens in 73 markets.

Joker is out now in cinemas.