‘It: Chapter 2’ – $91 Million first week earnings

Photo by: The Verge

It: Chapter 2 earned an estimated $91 million on its first weekend based on North American ticket sales from 4,570 screens. This news was announced by Warner Bros. on Sunday (Sept. 8).

Though the movie has earned a significant amount on its first week, it still didn’t surpass its predecessor which earned $123.4 million on its debut back in September 2017. Still, It: Chapter 2 is the second highest opening for a horror film ever. Both films were directed by Argentine filmmaker Andy Muschietti.

Head of domestic distribution for Warner Bros, Jeff Goldstein, said that the debut was “sensational” and was not concerned that Chapter 2 didn’t surpass the first movie.

(Photo by: Variety)

“How many movies open to $91 million? That was lightning in a bottle,” said Goldstein. “You don’t get lightning in a bottle twice. You get close though.”

It: Chapter 2 is based in Stephen King’s novel which brings the Losers Club to their hometown, Derry, 27 years later to finally finish their mission – killing Pennywise. The movie stars James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain and Bill Hader as a few of the adult “losers.”