HondaPH has another 4-day SALE happening Nov 15-18th!

Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI), is pleased to announce once again its upcoming 4-Day Sale happening this coming November 15-18, 2018, with special deals and discounts of up to Php 65,000 on select Honda models and variants. Customers may now inquire at any of the 38 Honda Car Dealerships nationwide to know more about Honda’s limited offer.

For customers aspring to own Honda’s bestselling sedans, the City and Civic will be offered with exclusive discounts during Honda’s 4-day sale. The City, Honda’s bestselling model in the country will be available with a Php 35,000 cash discount for the 2019 1.5 E CVT and 1.5 VX Navi CVT variants. The Civic will also be available with a Php 35,000 discount for the 2018 1.8 E CVT and 1.5 RS Navi CVT Variants.

Aside from the City and Civic, Honda’s 7-seater models will now be offered at this month’s 4-day sale event. Get the 2018 BR-V with a cash discount of Php 35,000 for the 1.5 S CVT and 1.5 V Navi CVT variants, while get Php 30,000 discount on the 1.5 E MT, 1.5 Premium CVT, 1.5 V CVT and 1.5 RS Navi CVT variants of the 2018 Mobilio. Meanwhile, the CR-V, Honda’s 7-Seater diesel SUV will be available with a Php 65,000 discount for the 2018 1.6 V DSL 9AT, 1.6 Touring DSL 9AT and 1.6 S DSL 9AT variants.

Honda 4-Day Sale Discount Guide

Model Year Model Variants Exclusive Discount
City 19YM 1.5 E CVT Php 35,000
1.5 VX Navi CVT Php 35,000
Civic 18YM 1.8 E CVT Php 35,000
1.5 RS Turbo Php 35,000
BR-V 18YM 1.5 S CVT Php 35,000
1.5 V Navi CVT Php 35,000
CR-V 18YM V Diesel 9AT Php 65,000
Touring Diesel 9AT

(Limited Edition)

Php 65,000
S Diesel 9 AT Php 65,000
Mobilio 18YM 1.5 E MT Php 30,000
1.5 Premium CVT Php 30,000
1.5 V CVT Php 30,000
1.5 RS CVT Php 30,000

This is the best time for customers to finally visit any Honda dealership nationwide and inquire about our Exclusive Deals for this month’s 4-Day Sale and take home a brand new Honda with the amazing deals and special offers available.

To learn more about the special sale deals, visit your nearest Honda car dealership or log on to