HATASU’s latest electronic motorcycles are now in the PH

EMOTO Electronic Technology (HATASU), originally located in Wuxi, Jiangsu, the largest gathering place of the bicycle industry in China, has finally arrived in the Philippines and is now ready to provide secure, comfortable, and quality electric transportation in the country.

HATASU has established brand outlets, service platforms, and production plants overseas. In fact, the brand envisions reaching all Southeast Asia countries by 2025 and hopefully expanding to other countries globally.

Entering Philippine Market with a Mission

With its trademark as the best professional designer and manufacturer of electronic motorcycles, HATASU stays with its mission to contribute to a greener and cleaner environment through its electronic vehicles.

The year 2022 is an inspiring year for the brand as it opens its office in Ortigas and its first warehouse in Cainta, Rizal, and aims to open six more secondary warehouses in the country within the next two years to cater to the demand of the customers.

As the brand enters the Philippine market, HATASU is also bringing their three electronic vehicles that really fit the Filipino lifestyle: Kumi, Mako, and Nero.

 Products and Specs

 HATASU products in all-purpose were designed to be youthful, fashionable, and practical. The two-wheeled vehicle uses 48V 20A battery and a 350W motor which is compared with the 48V 12A battery and a 350W motor of common models in the market at present:

“We stayed here in the Philippines for several years and we truly appreciate the country so much. We are also true to our mission to be a catalyst for change and to contribute for a greener environment, “says Cheng “Zac” Huang, CEO of HATASU.

During the Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit organized by the Electronic Vehicle Association of the Philippines (EVAP), a study was presented that while 2W and 3W market has taken a dip in 2020, it remains to be high and further growth is expected.

The study also stressed that some countries in Southeast Asia like Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Thailand are the main 2W markets, while the Philippines and Indonesia are the main 3W markets.

HATASU’s CEO Zac Huang, additionally stressed that there are more big plans for HATASU in the next coming year. “Expect the brand to be more visible to other parts of the region in the country in 2023 as we bring our services and products that will surely help ease and improve the transportation issues of Filipinos.”