Get inspired to watch Free Solo

The award-winning documentary Free Solo shows us how one man can achieve the impossible. If we put our mind to it, we can overcome the biggest obstacles in life. Here are some steps towards being your best self while watching Free Solo, climbing up a cliff face is optional!

  1. Clear your head.

Clear your desk. Put away the scattered clothes. Make your bed and clean your room. Cluttered surrounding leads to a cluttered mind. And you need a clear head to watch the show.

  1. Get moving.

Stretch your legs and crack those knuckles. Some scenes can get intense and we need to be physically ready for the jaw-dropping action during the rock climb.

  1. Vocalization

No, we’re not singing. But prepare for some shrieks and shouts because the climb up is perilous and full of dangers. One slip and you are in for the scream of your life.

  1. Tune-in

Get your head in the game and your hand on the remote control. Switch to FOX+ and watch the Oscar and BAFTA award-winning documentary Free Solo.

  1. Take a Step

After the show, be inspired! What’s on your bucket list? What’s keeping you from getting out of your comfort zone? Climb a mountain (or the nearest stairs). Discover the energy of the new you!

Be inspired by the real-life story of this amazing climber who overcame dire odds to surpass an almost impossible climb in ‘Free Solo’. Stream it this month on FOX+! Download FOX+ from Google Play Store or the App Store. New subscribers get a 30-day free trial. For more information, visit