‘Frozen 2’ Soundtrack Released by Disney

Photo by: Polygon

The official soundtrack of Frozen 2 has been released by Disney on Friday (Nov. 15), just one week before the film hits cinemas.

The eight original songs from the sequel are featured on the soundtrack, this includes “Into the Unknown” which attempts to recreate the magic of 2013’s “Let It Go,” ‘80s power ballad “Lost In The Woods’ performed by Jonathan Groff’s Kristoff is also included, and the cast’s adorable ode to autumn “Some Things Never Change.”

Renditions of the new tracks by major artists are also included in the 46-track, two-disc deluxe edition including artists like Kasey Musgraves (opener “All Is Found”), Weezer (“Lost in the Woods”) and Panic! At The Disco (“Into The Unknown”), it also includes a plethora of outtakes, instrumental versions and the entire score of the film.