Demi Lovato offers mental health support

Singer-songwriter Demi Lovato has always been open about the mental health issue and so it’s no surprise why she is speaking about it now during this pandemic when a lot of people are needing and perhaps still don’t know that they do.

The 27-year old has been using her platform as a public figure to talk about issues concerning mental health, from abuse to anxiety.

She recently posted on her Instagram account about how she feels the effect of the pandemic will have on mental health.

“So many have been left alone with their thoughts, their anxieties, their abusers — and are struggling with the uncertainty of these times,” Lovato wrote in the caption. “That is why I am helping to launch #TheMentalHealthFund to support organizations who are meeting the increased demand in crisis counseling due to COVID-19.”

“You are not alone,” she added. “Help is fast, free and available 24/7.”

She stresses that asking for help is never a sign of weakness but that of strength. It is oftentimes society itself that tells us that asking for weak is being weak. Lovato also adds that the strongest thing someone can do is take the first step in asking for help, in whatever shape or form that it comes in.

Currently, she can be heard singing along Sam Smith in the UK singer’s latest single, “I’m Ready.”