Celebrity mom Neri Naig talks about keeping her home a safe space

With more Filipinos choosing to spend more time at home as a way to stay safe, it has become important to keep it clean, clutter-free, and comfortable for the family. Celebrity mom Neri Naig makes it a priority to ensure that her husband, musician Chito Miranda, and children Miggy and Cash can bond in comfortable and safe surroundings. “Pag hindi kami busy sa work or school, we make it a point to bond. Habang maliit pa ang mga bata, we believe that spending quality time with them is very important. Mabilis ang panahon, and Chito and I just want to make memories with them kahit nasa bahay lang kami”

With small children around, Neri says it can be a challenge to clear away the clutter, but she tries to stay as organized as much as she can with their help. “Gusto ko marunong sila gumawa ng chores. I want to train our kids to do simple things like picking up their toys, wiping up spills, or putting their clothes in the laundry basket. Ok lang maglaro, pero tinuturuan ko din sila magligpit after. I think this teaches them responsibility.”

“Syempre, importante na germ-free ang bahay. Particular ako sa paglinis ng bahay para walang magkasakit sa amin. Halos lahat ng surface pinupunasan namin lalo na mga madalas hawakan. Knowing that we can also get sick from air-borne viruses and bacteria, I am glad I also found Albatross Disinfectant. It kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria, viruses, and mold, and it is more affordable compared to imported brands. What’s more, ang bango ng Albatross Disinfectant Spray, unlike other brands I have tried before!” she says.

A Filipino-owned brand by PHILUSA Corporation, Albatross is a quality name homemakers can trust. The brand’s banner product Albatross Deodorizing Block is the no. 1 in its category for decades. Together with Albatross Scented Gel and Albatross Toilet Bowl Cleaner – Albatross provides a complete “Bangong Amoy Malinis” for every corner of the home. And for a “wais na misis” like Neri, supporting local trusted brands like Albatross means more savings and accessibility. “Lagi kaming gumagamit ng Albatross sa bahay. Aside from being budget-friendly, we love how it makes our space a comfortable place for our family and friends.”

For decades, Albatross has been Filipino moms’ secret to keeping their bathrooms smelling clean and fresh for a long period of time. Aside from being known as the original and No. 1 bathroom deodorizing block in the market, it also has a line of other homecare products that include

scented gel, disinfectant spray, and toilet bowl cleaner that leave every room Bangong Amoy Malinis! Apart from being affordable, moms trust Albatross products for so many years due to their consistently excellent quality.

Albatross Disinfectant comes in two lasting fragrances, Clean Breeze and Flower Festival, which Neri says she also appreciates. “Talagang nakakapang relax ang mabango at malinis na bahay. ” she adds. “Another thing I like about it is that it is CFC-free. This helps to protect our environment para may maabutan pang mga puno sila Miggy and Cash pag laki nila. After all, they are the ones we are working hard for. At the end of the day, being able to provide them with a happy and safe home, while taking care of the planet they live in is what matters most for us moms.”

Albatross Disinfectant in 300 mL Clean Breeze and Flower Festival variants are now available at all leading groceries, supermarkets, and Mercury Drug nationwide. Shop online at https://linktr.ee/albatrossph.

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