Ariana Grande is at #1 once more

Being a top-selling artist is no small feat, but to constantly put material out there in order to be in the charts and please one’s core audience while at the time making a conscious move to appeal to new listeners, is a pressure that any new artist has to continually bear.

And Ariana Grande is no different.

She recently just released her 5th studio album entitled, “Positions” and the reward for her effort, not to mention accolades, just keep coming. In a year that is continually marred with loss, anxiety and uncertainty due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, fans and music lovers have turned to her music in droves to get the comfort that they needed.

As a result, the album title track, “Positions”,  sits at the top of the Global Spotify, apart from having 5 more tracks on the chart itself and 7 tracks in the Top 10 Global Apple Music Charts. She also has completely taken over the US Spotify Chart by holding the #1-14 spots!

In addition to this, “Positions” is her  7th Number One debut on the UK Singles Chart and because of the chart positioning, this has also extended her record for the most #1 debuts by a female artist in UK chart history.

And if her chart positions are not enough to drive attention to the album, billboards in big cities like New York, Los Angeles and Toronto have also gotten into the hype and marketing blitz surrounding this new and hot release.

Congrats Ariana, you did it again!

So let’s see how about breaking another of your Guinness world records.