Apollo Skin Solutions holds Wellness Camp to restore the body, mind, and soul

(L-R) Sales Manager Andrew Alvarez, Brand Manager for Cotton and Paper Products (Cleene and Babyflo): Jackie Pe, Sales Manager for SM group: Anna Darlucio, Account Manager for Robinsons:Arriane Juanchon, Account Manager for Puregold: Nika Pauig Brand Manager for Apollo Skincare Solutions: Nicole Alejandro, Brand Manager for Alcohol: Janna Dela Cruz, Brand Manager for Rhea Generics: Giezel Sarmiento Brand Manager for Rhea Generics and Love My Honey: Pau Carrando, Event Host: Valerie Tan

Sharing the love for self-care and its mission of providing affordable yet high-quality skin care products, Apollo Skin Solutions recently held an exclusive wellness camp for a day of pampering and self-care.

During this event, PHILUSA Corporation President Neogin Evangelista said that as one of PHILUSA Corporation’s homegrown brands, the company’s mission of providing practical yet accessible products to the market is the driving force behind its longevity.

“Apollo Skin Solutions has been a trusted heritage partner of Filipino households in traditional skin remedies for more than 30 years and continues to provide high-quality products for people who seek to have healthy-looking and moisturized skin. Our Apollo Petroleum Jelly, Apollo Sebo De Macho, Apollo Lip Balm, and Apollo Castor Oil are reliable wellness products that will help you rediscover beauty.”

(L-R) Event Host: Valerie Tan, Content Creator: Janessa Margaux Sibug, Content Creator: DJ Colleen Parilla-Matteo, Dance Artist / Choreographer: Aira Casim, Apollo Brand Manager: Nicole Alejandro

Beauty from the inside out

In a short talk conducted by certified dermatologists with extensive practice in anti-aging and procedural aesthetic dermatology Michelle Manuel, she explained that to achieve glowing, vibrant skin, healthy habits should always be incorporated. From drinking a minimum of 3 liters of water daily to using sunscreen to protect the skin, a diet that involves a lot of fruits and veggies all play a part in helping achieve a youthful glow. According to Dr. Michelle, Vitamin C is a must in collagen production and a vital ingredient in making the skin healthy and youthful. However, she reminds us that active relaxation is also a must both for our physical and mental health. “Apart from nourishing our bodies with food, know that nothing ages like chronic stress. When we produce stress hormones (cortisol), it indirectly leads to an overproduction of sebum (oil), which causes acne to break out. Meditate, practice deep breathing, and of course, exercise.”

Apollo Skin Solutions products

Products that are trusted and loved for generations

For radio jock, events host, and mom of two Colleen Mateo, one of her most important staples nowadays is the sebo de macho. “I recently underwent an open surgery for my gall bladder removal and one of the biggest concerns aside from recovery is wound healing. Kaya naman itong sebo de macho talaga ang lagi kong ginagamit. Kahit naman nung bata pa tayo ito naman talaga ang affordable na ointment pang iwas peklat.”

Made of pure mutton tallow, the Apollo Sebo de Macho provides moisturization benefits for the skin. Dr. Michelle, her advice for fresh scars is to gently massage the area with a sebo de macho, “I used this a lot when I was a teenager whenever I get wounds. Thankfully, the scars I had on my legs are gone now. Did the sebo de macho work? Maybe. But when I went to medical school, I learned that the act of massaging the wound is a great practice which helps in speeding up the healing of the damaged tissue and to break up the scar tissue.”

For the 24-year-old professional choreographer Aira Casim, her ultimate must-have is the petroleum jelly. “Matagal na din ako nag sasayaw at syempre talagang nagkaka kalyo na din tayo, kaya talagang ung petroleum jelly laging ‘di nawawala sa akin. Malaking tulong talaga ang petroleum jelly sa akin para ma-moisturize ang paa.”

Guest speaker: Dr. Michelle Manuel – Dermatologist Consultant

Another millennial considering Apollo Skin Solutions her everyday staple is fashion and lifestyle content creator Janeska Margaux. “I usually deal with dry skin, that’s why I always use the Apollo Petroleum Jelly. It helps me feel more confident whenever I post OOTD content on social media.”

The Apollo Petroleum Jelly has long been an ultimate staple both for beauty and health care. From relieving symptoms of eczema, soothing diaper rash, and eye makeup remover to moisturizing hands and feet, this inexpensive and effective product is surely one can’t live without at home or in the bag. For athletes or even those who are into high-impact workouts, this product also helps to ensure skin areas predisposed to skin chafing are well lubricated.

With petroleum jelly as the most accessible occlusive or moisturizing agent with versatile qualities, dermatologists like Dr. Michelle puts a premium on its multi-purpose benefit. From helping seal the skin with a water-protective barrier, it also works wonders with other ingredients, making it an ideal base for most skin care products and an active ingredient in managing eczema.

Another product that makes Apollo Skin Care Solutions a favorite Filipino brand is the castor oil and lip balm. “Sympre kahit nasa bahay o kaya quick vlogging, ang lagi kong ginagamit ay Apollo Lip Balm in pretty in pink. Favorite ko sya kasi fresh in an instant without the heavy make-up,” says Colleen. “And for the castor oil, part na talaga ito ng beauty regimen ko, para sa akin thick brows and lashes are life!”

For only Php60 7g, the Apollo Lip Balm is formulated with Vitamin E, has a light strawberry flavor, and is paraben-free. Made of US-sourced pure petrolatum, this is an assurance of its authentic but still affordable quality.

Another exciting addition to the Apollo Skin Solutions family is castor oil. Made of 100% pure, cold-pressed castor oil, this brow and lashes nourishing formula that helps to stimulate the growth of strands are also lightweight and easy to use anytime, anywhere. Available in a conveniently packaged mascara bottle and applicator, it’s also made affordable for only P 89.

Dance Artist / Choreographer: Aira Casim and her dance crew

On Staying Active and On-the-Go

For those who love sports and workouts, Apollo Skin Solutions is a cult favorite, especially its petroleum jelly and sebo de macho for minor wounds. Other products such as castor oil and lip balm are considered a holy grail to achieve a more put-together look without being overly done.

“The Apollo Wellness Camp is also a reminder that beauty and wellness should never be put on hold. We’ll never be at our best for our loved ones if we don’t prioritize our well-being,” adds Apollo Skin Solutions brand manager Nicole Alejandro.

(L_R) Content Creator: Janessa Margaux Sibug, Content Creator: DJ Colleen Parilla-Matteo, Dance Artist / Choreographer: Aira Casim

During the Apollo Wellness Camp, the participants were divided into three breakout sessions from bowling, and pickleball, to yoga at the Tivoli Royale Country Club. “The prepared activities were designed to encourage movement, build connections, and be intentional about a well-balanced lifestyle. Additionally, we’re happy to share that wellness is always within reach with Apollo Skin Solutions.”

Apollo Skin Solutions is available at all Mercury Drug Stores, leading groceries, and supermarkets nationwide. For more updates, follow Apollo Skin Care Facebook and Apollo Skin Care Instagram. For more information on Apollo’s line of trusted and proven skin solutions, visit PHILUSA Corporation.