#AlagangBFF: HARI Foundation joins forces with UP-PGH

In support of Breast Cancer awareness month, HARI Foundation, Inc. (HFI), the corporate social responsibility arm of Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI), has taken an inspiring first step towards paving the way forward for empowering women through proactive healthcare.

To bring this to life, HFI formalized its partnership with UP-PGH, and UP-PGH Cancer Institute through the deed of donation signing and ceremonial turnover of the Hyundai H350 luxury van, customized into a state-of-the-art mobile cancer diagnostic clinic that will be manned by UP-PGH medical missions to reach out to inform, empower and care for more and more women in the under-served sectors of the country. This pivotal event constitutes the first phase of the HFI-UP-PGH Alagang Breastfriend project, a comprehensive information campaign and women empowerment movement for breast cancer prevention.

The partnership is seen by HFI as an important step in fulfilling its goal of helping alleviate poverty by providing the greater part of society access to important resources and technology that may improve their overall well-being, thereby enabling them to lead healthier, more productive lives.

At the deed of donation signing, HFI President Ma. Fe Perez-Agudo noted, “This pioneering collaboration in support of our women, the Alagang Breastfriend project, is a humbling realization of the invaluable contribution of women in our society and speaks truly of how women thanklessly fulfill the most important duty of all—motherhood. Every woman has an instinct for caring, and breast feeding is a gift only a mother can share. However, the biggest fear every woman can come face to face with comes in two words: BREAST CANCER. The same body that a woman is blessed with is weakened by the threat of breast cancer. But breast cancer is treatable and curable at its early stages, so information and early detection are important. This is why Hyundai Asia Resources, Incorporated, through HARI Foundation, Inc., joins hands with UP-PGH and UP-PGH Cancer Institute to help women understand the impact of breast cancer and what they can do to prevent it.”

In response, UP PGH Director Dr. Gerardo Legaspi said, “They say it takes a village to raise a child. We are happy that HFI is now a member of our community. The early detection of breast cancer not only saves lives but money as well. We are now equipped for more effective delivery of our services. With the involvement of the private sector, we can have a more realistic and sustainable program that will serve as a template for others to follow. I hope that Alagang Breastfriend will become a national tagline.”

While Dr. Jorge Ignacio, Chairman of the UP PGH Cancer Institute added, “This is a most pleasant dream come true…With this project, we will make a difference in the lives of Filipinos. This is just the start. Our target is to address the top five cancers in the country. HFI has lit a spark and we shall keep the flame burning.”

The new partners in women health envision the Alagang Breastfriend project, with the tagline #AlagangBFF (Breastfriends Forever), to be a comprehensive movement to empower Filipinas to take charge of their health and continue to be a driving force in bettering the society at large.

“We at HFI would like to share and continue with UP-PGH Cancer Institute the story of our heart, of fostering partnerships that would have the inspiring power to change minds and hearts towards building stronger and more enabled communities as we endeavor to be the Filipino’s best friend in mobilizing for health, women empowerment, family, and above all, community. We see this as a brand new and lifelong friendship because we believe that the best of friendships lead to the best of journeys,” punctuated Ms. Agudo.