WATCH: A dad’s life… Aga Mulach and the Toyota Innova

Are you a dad? With a daughter? Crushes, first dates and boyfriends are an inevitable part of any girl’s life… and the worst nightmare of any dad. The Muhlach family is not an exception to this very familiar situation so Aga deals with it in the most typical dad way.

In their new video for the Toyota Innova, Aga and his wife Charlene, and their kids Andres and Atasha, share this familiar story inspired by real family events. While a very excited Atasha is preparing for her graduation ball, Aga gets anxious when her date shows up at their home to pick her up. Charlene is very supportive but Aga has a few reservations especially upon seeing the date’s ride. Find out what happens next by watching the video here:

No matter what happens, we can always count on our dads to always have our backs. Just like the Innova, you can always trust this reliable vehicle whether it be for quick errands or long road trips for the whole family.

“With the Innova, there’s space for more great moments,” says Charlene of their new family ride. Not only can the Innova comfortably fit their whole family of four, this seven-seater can even accommodate their children’s friends.

Watch out for other videos of the Muhlach family with the Toyota Innova through our official Facebook page and YouTube channel (Toyota Motor Philippines).