A Beginner’s Guide To Sim Racing: What Equipment to Get

The growth of ESports Racing has been massive over the past few years. It has been growing by leaps and bounds because of the accessibility it provides and the skills it teaches everyone.

Here in the Philippines, the demand for ESports racing skyrocketed back in 2020, when the leading motorsports events company Tuason Racing opened its doors to put ESports Racing in our map through “Race For Frontliners” and “Formula V1 Virtual Cup”. This gave aspiring racers a chance to explore the world of ESports and excel in it.

With TRS aiming to boost ESports Racing in the country and opening doors to aspiring ESports racing star, here are some of the equipment that you should save up for to start your journey!

To start your foray into Sim Racing, Tuason Racing’s Sim Racing Instructor and top racer Elysee Menorca gives us the rundown of the basic equipment you should invest on if you want to talk sim racing on a higher level.

  1. PC/Console with a basic controller or keyboard- this is needed for you to access the game.
  2. Steering wheel and pedal set- this is if you intend to take your racing on a higher route. Steering wheel and pedal set are important if you want to be more competitive with the sport.
  3. Sim Rigs- These include seat and frame, and upgraded hardware. It is something sim racers use to seat themselves and mount their devices .
  4. Internet connection- a strong wi-fi is needed so you can assure that there will be no distractions and know that your race is running smoothly.
  5. VR Headsets and Motion Actuators: You can purchase these if there are platforms or hardware that requires you to have it.

Better to start with entry-level racing set-ups to high-professional level sim racing set-ups once you get the hang of it.

Tip for everyone who wants to invest in their sim racing equipment: Buy one that suits your level of commitment! If you want to give way to your ESports Racing journey!

If you want to learn more about the equipment that fits you or the steps that you need to take to dabble in the world of sim racing, Tuason Racing got it for you!

You can learn more about the basics of ESports racing and more at Tuason Racing ESports School, which will be launched soon! Use the right equipment, learn with the best coaches and participate in mock races to help you be the best sim racer that you can be!

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