5SOS & Charlie Puth Team up for ‘Easier’ Remix

Photo by: Twitter

For those who think that the song by 5 Seconds of Summer titled “Easier” sounds like Charlie Puth, the Australian pop-rock band recruited Puth for a remix of their summer hit. The song features a new fist verse which goes: “Why you always lookin’ at your phone/ Watchin’ people you don’t even know/ I could lay here by myself alone, yeah/ I don’t want us to be enemies/ So I’m thinkin’ maybe I should leave/ Cause you’re bringing out the worst in me, yeah,” Puth sings before delivering his own take of the original pre-chorus and chorus.

Puth lays down some of his classic runs on the bridge and towards the end of the remix, proving that “Easier” really does sound like a Charlie Puth song.

Photo by: www.charlieputh.com

The reason why the song resembles songs from Puth is that he co-wrote the 5SOS single with Ryan Tedder, Louis Bell, Ali Tamposi and Andrew Watt, so it’s no coincidence.

The remix of the song “Easier” follows the “Live From the Vault” version of 5SOS, which features a more electric-guitar driven bassline.