The Wake Up Show

With Marco, Karrots & Mr.Tzing | Monday to Friday 6am-10am

The NEW Wake Up Show is here!

Marco and Karrots, along with Mr. Tzing are the awesome threesome that power up your mornings on The Wake Up Show! With their witty banter, trending topics and fun personalities, you’re sure to be LOL-ing your morning blues away.


Let's face it, waking up early isn't what a lot of people look forward to. We often want to sleep some more or sleep in. This is the show that is worth waking up for every morning. With the best mix of music, news, and great conversation, it is the best part of waking up. 

The Wake Up Show, with Marco, Karrots and Mr. Tzing, M-F 6am-10am, only on Mellow 94.7.


1.    Have you heard? (Monday to Friday)

This covers all the news updates. It can be headlines, showbiz, or human interest stories. What makes this more engaging is that this includes commentaries from the djs. We'll present our thoughts to make it more relevant to the listeners by either connecting it to our lives or their lives. This is a daily segment because it's flexible and can cover many topics. 


2.    What's for breakfast? (Monday and Tuesday)

We can make it a sponsored segment from clients where we can talk about their products or dishes. We can also talk about new restaurants or focus on restaurants per CBD that people can eat in. We can also give tips on certain food items best for energy, focus, memory, etc. Also, we can have guests who are food experts, bloggers, or food related sponsors. Can be daily or three times a week.


3.    What's showing (Every Wednesday)

We can talk about movies, TV shows, or even concerts and plays that will be or are already showing. Need not be a review but can be if so desired. 


4.    Dead or Alive (Every Thursday)

We can talk about 90s musicians, bands and artists, where they are now, what they are doing, do they have still have music career, is it (or are they) dead or live


5.    Where can we go? (Every Friday)

We can talk about weekend events, school events, concerts, or even local and international destinations for the weekend warrior or frequent traveler.