Mellow Nites

With Indi & Caz | Weekdays 8pm-12am

He likes it fast, but she likes taking her time…he really does it hard while she wants it nice and easy and ever so sweetly, but she loses her mind right at the same time as he does…yes, that’s how Indi and Caz talk and laugh the night away for you and with you.

Savor your laugh out loud moments with the two as you share what you feel most nostalgic about on I Miss Monday. Celebrities take centerstage every week on Entertainment Tuesday. You can do whatever on a Wednesday but it’s time to get serious on a Thursday as they talk about relationships. Kickstart your weekend with Hyper Friday, two whole hours of the best club remixes. Fist-pumping starts at 10.

Be sure to get your quick fix of songs Mondays, Wednedays and Fridays as you hand pick tunes and enclose a really special greeting or two. That’s Mellownights for you with Indi and Caz – definitely making your nights anything but mellow!