School of Jocks

Sundays 9am-11am

School has never been this cool!

Make way, everyone! School of Jocks (SoJ) is set to take over the airwaves every Sunday from 9AM to 11 noon! That’s what happens when you’ve got 30 college students, who’ve wondered at least once in their lives, what it would be like to host their own show on the radio. And when you’ve got 30 SJs (student jocks), you’ve got an infinite (okay, so maybe there’s a definite number of permutations. We’ll let you calculate that) array of pairs to choose from. You will absolutely have no idea what to expect the next time you tune in to an episode of SoJ. Well, nothing except a spanking new listening experience no other student jock show can offer!

From life in school, to the latest movies, to the sports they’re into, to the latest amorous adventures they’ve found themselves in, the School of Jocks will never run out of something to talk about as they keep you company on air. The SJs are coming and they don’t care whether you’re ready or not! They’re ready to dominate the airwaves… and each other! School of Jocks — A show for students (or students at heart) by students!