Roadtrip Checklist “B.L.O.W.B.A.G.”

Everyone knows the acronym B.L.O.W.B.A.G., which is an easy to remember list of basic things to check on your vehicle in general, especially before going on a road trip this summer. Here’s the list, we’ve expanded to include other things you should check.


B – Brakes – Check that your brakes work properly, and that your brake pads have sufficient thickness. If your brake pedal depresses too deep into the floor, your brake pads may need replacing. Note: Don’t top up your brake fluid, if your level is low, your brake pads will need replacing, once you have replaced them, the fluid level will return to its optimum level.


L – Lights – Check to see if your headlights work, both high and low beam, make sure all your turn signals work and also your cabin lights function.


O – Oil – Check your oil level. When was the last time you had an oil change? what’s the kilometer interval for PMS on your vehicle? Is it 5K. 7.5K? or 10K between oil changes? If you still have 1-2,000 kms before your next oil change, you might as well get that oil change before hitting the road with friends or family, your car will thank you for it.


W – Water – Check your water or coolant level in your engine bay, make sure your radiator has no leaks and ensure it is clean so air can flow through it’s fins without obstruction so in can cool your engine effectively.


B – Battery – Check your battery, does your engine start with one click? If it takes a few turns before your engine starts, you may have a problem with your batter or electrical system, best to have it checked before you head out of town. A car battery has an average life of 2 years, you can have it checked at most automotive battery supply shops, they can check to see if the battery is still charging to full capacity and if your alternator is putting out the right amount of current to charge it.


A – Air – Check your tire pressure, make sure it has the manufacturer specified tire pressure. But also check your tires, make sure they are aligned and there’s a safe amount of tread depth. Perhaps it would be a good time to rotate your tires before hitting the road, or even getting a new set of tires.

Air conditioning – you should have your air conditioning system checked and cleaned once a year, and right before a summer road trip is the perfect time to have it done to ensure

Air Filter – if you’ve never thought of checking this, and your car has been with you for more than a year, get a replacement filter and change it, your engine will get unobstructed clean air.


G – Gas – make sure you have a full tank of gas before you go on your way, and make sure you know where the reputable gas stations are on your route to and from your destination, especially if you’re on a long drive especially if you may need to fill up multiple times.


Words and Photo – Neil Pagulayan