The Awesome Wake Up Show

With Neil, Karrots, Scarlet

This morning show is one of the newest on the airwaves, conceived on January 2017, The Awesome Wake Up Show is what became of The Wake Up Show when two new hosts took over.  The new hosts are not newbies but they don’t want to be referred to as seasoned veterans.

Its not your usual morning show, in fact, there’s not a lot of talk.  They play more music than other morning shows and not having “theme days”(except for Thursdays when Mellow plays 90’s music).  When asked to describe their show, Neil says “imagine you, the listener, are driving in your car, Karrots, Scarlet and I are your passengers.”  You’ll get some quiet and once in a while someone has a brain fart and tries to be witty or funny.  And just like having toddlers in the back seat, there will be arguments and the occasional mess.


Travel Beans on #TheAwesomeWakeUpShow

Posted by Mellow on September 16, 2018

Alex and Emma of Travel Beans on the show Rainy was an understatement, the past few days had been raining cats and dogs and Travel Vloggers Alex and Emma of the youube channel Travel Beans bravely made their way to Paragon Plaza Bldg. to hang out with us on The Awesome Wake Up Show.  These [...]