New Look for IT: Chapter 2

Photo by: Screen Rant

The Losers’ Club are all grown up in It: Chapter Two and they are still being stalked by a demented clown named Pennywise.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the adult version of the kids from the former It film has given the new chapter a brand new look. The new Losers’ Club will be played by Jessica Chastain, Bill Hader, Isaiah Mustafa and James McAvoy as Bill, who lost his brother Georgie in the first movie.

McAvoy describes his character as “Stephen King’s avatar”. On the other hand, Hader describes his version of Richie as really different from the book. He says it will be a “mindblower”. Mustafa’s Mike os yje only one to stay in Derry.

“Mike sees how Derry is very special in a dark way,” Mustafa says. “He’s trying to figure out what the hell’s going on in this town and what he can do to put an end to this cycle. It’s an obsession for him.”

“When you leave Derry, something happens where you forget it all. I think it’s like a [power] of Pennywise’s,” adds McAvoy.

“Because if everybody could remember what he gets up to every 27 years through history, we’d go, ‘Hey, Derry’s really f**ked up, we should do something about that. We should send in the f**king Army!'”

IT: Chapter 2 will be released in cinemas on September 6.