More movies pushed back due to Covid-19

To say that the global pandemic Covid-19 has paralyzed the world is an understatement, as not only has it paralyzed but also derailed much of the year ahead for all sectors, from the manufacturing industry, to marketing and even the entertainment industry.

2 more upcoming Hollywood hits are the latest “casualty” of the pandemic to be affected and pushed back for a later date in 2020.

First of these is the suspense thriller, A Quiet Place 2, the sequel to the sleeper hit of 2018 which was supposed to have opened on March 20. Paramount pictures has indefinitely put it on hold in the hopes of a better release time in the year, one of which will capitalize the cinematic experience that the film hopes to bring when it comes to keeping audiences gripped and squirming in their seats.

The second film joining this ongoing list of affected cinematic treats is another sequel and one that moviegoers have been waiting almost forever for. And that is Top Gun: Maverick. Also a release from Paramount pictures, the film stars Tom Cruise and follows the life of pilot, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell as he finds himself living the life of his dreams amidst challenges within the chosen field.

The sequel was supposed to be released on June 24 but has opted for a holiday season release instead, which is on December 23.